Anita and Dror’s Wedding, Surrey

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Anita and Dror, wedding portrait

Anita and Dror were married on 26th July, 2009.

Anita and Mother

Anita, being helped by her mother to put her veil on

Anita and father

Anita and her father before the ceremony

Dror and his family

Dror and his parents and sisters. His parents had recently arrived from Uruguay. Next stop, Israel, where Anita and Dror also had a Jewish wedding ceremony planned.

Anita walking towards Hindu wedding ceremony

Anita walking from the house to the marquee

Anita and Dror, heads touching during hindu wedding ceremony

“There is no kissing during a Hindu wedding ceremony!” explained the priest.

Anita and Dror, during Hindu wedding ceremony

Anita and Dror during the ceremony

End of wedding ceremony

There were joyous scenes at the end of the ceremony. And it was the first time I’ve witnessed a Hindu wedding ceremony ending with Jewish wedding music…

Anita and Dror, at the end of the ceremony

Anita and Dror after the ceremony

Anita and Dror entering the wedding reception

Anita and Dror entering the wedding reception

Dror's speech

Dror’s speech

Sharif's speech

Best man Sharif’s speech

Incognito singing

As a surprise to Anita and Dror – and it was also a surprise to the guests, Anita’s parents had hired “Incognito” to perform during the wedding recpetion. After masquerading as a waitress, the chef and security, Incognito revealed themselves as the evening’s entertainment, and soom had everyone singing – and a fair-few dancing as well!

Dror, singing

Even Dror got in on the act…

Anita and Dror, first dance

Anita and Dror’s first dance

Anita and Dror dancing with niece

Anita and Dror dancing with their niece. An unconventional routine…

Anita and Dror at the end of the evening

Anita and Dror towards the end of the evening

Anita and Dror’s full set of wedding photos will be online on by Friday 7th August.

To see them click here.

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  1. Leemor says:

    Beautiful pictures – now in Israel to celebrate Wedding Ceremony Part 2. Cheers!

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