Carolyn and Barney’s Wedding, Russell Hotel

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St John's Wood Church and order of service

Carolyn and Barney were married at St John’s Wood Church on 9th May 2009. The wedding reception was held at the Russell Hotel.

Barney, before ceremony, St John's Wood Church

Barney chatting in the church before the ceremony.

Rev Adrian, waiting, St John's Wood Church

The Rev Dr Anders Bergquist – waiting for the bride.

Carolyn arriving with Dad

Carolyn arriving with her father in a white Rolls Royce.

Wedding ceremony, St John's Wood Church

Carolyn and Barney’s wedding ceremony.

Blue Steel

‘Blue Steel.’ A homage to the film, ‘Zoolander.’

After taking the family portraits, the wedding party did their best ‘Blue Steel’, made famous by iconic fashion model, Derek Zoolander.

Confetti, St John's Wood church

Confetti outside the church.

Wedding portrait on bridge, Regent's Park

After the ceremony, we drove to Regent’s Park to take some photos of Carolyn and Barney.
Regent's Park wedding portrait on bench

We took the photos at their favourite places in the park.

Russell Hotel, room set for wedding breakfast

The beautiful Russell Hotel Banqueting suite.

Carolyn and Barney, candid at reception

Barney and Carolyn at the wedding reception.

Carolyn waiting to go into wedding breakfast

Carolyn – just before going into the wedding breakfast.

Dad's speech

Carolyn’s father’s speech.

Barney's speech

Barney’s speech.

Sam's speach

Sam, the best man’s speech.

Grandparents on video

At the end of the speeches, two video were played. They were messages from Carolyn’s Grandparents in South Africa. This was a touching and emotional surprise, and a special moment for everyone watching.

All the photos from Carolyn and Barney’s wedding will be online by 25th May. To see them, click here

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