Charlotte and James’ wedding, Manor of Groves

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Charlotte and James outside The Manor of Groves, wedding venue

Charlotte and James were married on October 3rd 2009 at All Saints Church, Nazeing, Essex. Their wedding reception was held at The Manor of Groves, Hertfordshire.

Hand-made order of service

Charlotte’s artistic talents were to be found in many of the details of the day. These are the beautiful hand-made orders of service.

Bridesmaids outside the church

The bridesmaids passed the time waiting for Charlotte to arrive by twirling in their dresses.

View from the pram, All Saints Nazeing

A pram with a view. This photo was taken from the back of the church with Charlotte and James at the far end of the aisle.

Charlotte and James walking down the aisle

Charlotte and James walking down the aisle

Charlotte, James and their bridemaids

Charlotte and James with their bridesmaids

Wedding confetti outside All Saints, Nazeing, Essex

The confetti outside the church

Now here is a good tip for any future brides – make sure you have more confetti than you think you’ll need. Once it starts getting passed around outside the church it soon dissapears.

Charlotte, her Mum and other relatives started collecting dried flower petals well in advance of the wedding. Hence the blizzard of confetti. There was even enough for a second round!

James and Charlotte waiting to go into wedding breakfast

James and Charlotte waiting to go into their wedding breakfast

Father of the bride's speech

Charlotte’s Father, during his speech

One of the great fringe benefits of being a wedding photographer is being treated to some first-class after dinner speaking. And Charlotte and James wedding was no exception.

Charlotte wearing Harry Potter glasses

James nick name is Harry Potter, due to his striking resemblance to a certain trainee wizard. As he began his speech, and in an effort to add to the evening’s mirth, Charlotte popped on a pair of Potter-esque glasses to try and distract him.

Rob, the best man

Best man Rob, in full flow

I have to be honest that when it comes to best man’s speeches I consider myself something of an expert. I’ve heard over 200 of them and delivered one myself, so I have a fair idea of what’s good, and what’s bad. I also know the subjects to be avoided at all costs.

However, Rob broke one of the golden rules of being a best man which is:
under no circumstances whatsoever tell any story involving any events that might have allegedly happened in a Thai night-club

The fact that Rob broke this rule, in hilarious style, with an annecdote that would have amused the sternest Aunt – and made the groom look even more charming and adorable than before the story began, was a remarkable achievement.

Rob, I salute you!

Manor of Groves at night

Manor of Groves at night

The full gallery of Charlotte and James’ wedding photos is now online.

To see them click here.

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  1. Jacqui says:

    Fantastic day full of fun and happiness created by all those that participated – not least the Bride and Groom who truly wanted everyone to enjoy themselves. Photo’s are fantastic Mark you have really captured the joy of the day.

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