Hugo’s christening

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hugo london christening (7)

Hugo and Jane at St Michael’s Church, Highgate

On Sunday 22nd January Hugo was christened at St Michael’s Church in Highgate.

hugo london christening (2)

It was a lovely to see so many of Jane’s friends and family giving Hugo a special welcome into all our lives.

hugo london christening (3)

Jane and Hugo with his Godparents Sacha, Katie, Guy and Alex.

hugo london christening (4)

Revd Dr Thomas Renz baptising Hugo.

hugo london christening (5)

Jane and Hugo with Godparents and Grandparents.

hugo london christening (6)

Jane and Hugo with Rosemary and Paul.

hugo london christening (1)

Jane contemplating motherhood at Glastonbury in 2007

As Jane may have anticipated, none of my friends receive any photos without at least one image being included from my extensive (and often embarrassing) back-catalogue of photos.

There are so many to choose from – the parties, the birthdays, the quiet nights out that finished as the sun rose… but this is one of my favourites!

More photos of Jane looking glamorous in wellies can be seen here.

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