Jen and Steve’s wedding, Ramster

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Jen and Steve laughing during wedding ceremony

Jen and Steve were married at The Sacred Heart Church, Petworth on 26th September 2009. They held their wedding reception at Ramster, Chiddingfold.

Jen writing card to Steve

Jen and her bridesmaids got ready at The Crown Inn, Chiddingfold. This is Jen writing a card to Steve…

Steve and card from Jen

… and this is Steve with the card.

Jen and her father

Jen and her father, Duane arriving at The Sacred Heart Church

Steve and ushers before ceremony

Steve, and his best man and ushers waiting at the end of the aisle

Jen during wedding ceremony

Jen before exchanging vows

Jen and Steve during wedding vows

Jen and Steve exchanging vows. The service was conducted by Father Peter Newsam and it was obvious how much he was enjoying it. As he mentioned to the congregation, ‘Conducting wedding services is one of the best parts of my job!’

Steve showing-off wedding ring

Steve showing off his new wedding ring

Jen and Steve walking down the aisle

Jen and Steve walking down the aisle

Confetti outside The Sacred Heart Church, Petworth

Confetti outside the church

Jen and Steve with their wedding car outside Ramster

Jen and Steve outside Ramster with their wedding car

Wedding cake at Ramster

Ramster looked absolutely fantastic and Jen and Steve’s families had gone to a great deal of extra effort to make the cake and decorate the room.

Group wedding photo in Ramster courtyard

Group photo

It’s been my privilege to photograph lots of my friends weddings in the USA – but this was the first ‘half American’ wedding I’ve photographed in the UK. Jen and her family are from upstate New York, while Steve and his family are from England.

There were lots of small touches that gave this very English day an American feel. Check out the group photo and notice how the bridesmaids have arranged themselves perfectly on the right-hand side of the picture. It’s been my experience that while Brits need arranging for wedding photos, Americans know exactly how and where to stand. It must be something in the water…

Jen and Steve waiting to go into wedding breakfast

A stolen moment I just happen to glimpse and record – Steve twirling Jen as they wait to go into their wedding breakfast.

Andy practicing his speech

Andy the best man deserves top marks for his efforts. I saw him practicing his speech on more than one occasion and it was clear he’d put a great deal of time into it. Here he is during a trial run, amusing the shrubs in the driveway with his witty anecdotes.

Duane's speech

Duane’s touching speech was full of American phrases.

At one stage he thanked Steve’s family and friends using the phrase, ‘Y’all.’ Brilliant!

Jen during her father's speech

Jen during Duane’s speech

Steve, speech

Steve’s speech

Andy, best man speech

Andy’s speech – practice did indeed make perfect.

Jen and Steve, first dance at Ramster

Jen and Steve’s first dance

The full gallery of Jen and Steve’s wedding photos is now online.

To see them click here.

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