Kim, Roger, Peter and Harriet’s party

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Harlow family at the Mandarin Oriental

The Harlow family, Kim, Roger and their children Harriet and Peter. They held a party at the Mandarin Oriental, Kensington to celebrate Kim and Roger’s 25th wedding anniversary and Harriet’s 21st birthday.

Peter and Harriet

Peter and Harriet before the party

Family photo

The whole family

Roger's speech

Roger’s speech

Tears from Kim

Kim, shedding a few tears during Roger’s speech.

Roger and Harriet dancing

Roger and Harriet dancing

Ian and Camilla from Strictly come dancing

The cabaret for the evening was Ian and Camilla from the TV show “Strictly Come Dancing.”

Ian and Camilla at the Mandarin Oriental

They performed three dances, with Camilla changing costume between each one. Inspried, Ian put a hat on for the last dance.

Ian, Camilla and the Harlows

Ian and Camilla experience a brush with celebrity

Chocolate fountain

Peter getting stuck into the chocolate fountain

Kim, Harriet and assorted fruit

Kim, Harriet and assorted fruit

Grandad and Grandma dancing to 'Gold Digger.'

Grandad and Grandma dancing to Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger.’ Coincidentally, I was in New York City during the height of this records popularity – and can confirm that this is how the locals danced to it.

Harriet dancing with Grandad

Grandad, busting even more moves with Harriet.

Limbo dancing

Nev, the DJ for the evening then decided it was time for a limbo competition. It was eventually won by long-limbed Olly.

Dancing at Mandarin Oriental

The dancing lasted long into the evening.

Kim and Roger kissing

Kim and Roger kissing at the end of the night.

Kim, Roger, Peter and Harriet’s full set of photos will be online on by Friday 14th August.

To see them click here.

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