Sophie and Gary’s Wedding, Fanhams Hall Hotel

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Sophie, before her wedding

Sophie at her parents house before the wedding

Sophie and Gary were married at St Mary’s Church, Ware, on the 17th April 2009. Their reception was at Fanham’s Hall Hotel.

Gary waiting at St Mary's, Ware

Gary waiting at the church

Paul, outside St Mary's, Ware

The ceremony was conducted by Paul, a family friend. He was great fun with a warm and relaxed approach. In fact, the way he conducted the ceremony reminded me of the way my Dad worked – he was a Church of England minister for over 35 years.

Bridemaids, St Mary's Ware

The bridesmaids watching Sophie arrive

Sophie and Gary's wedding, St Mary's, Ware

Sophie and Gary’s wedding ceremony

Sophie and Gary walking down aisle, St Mary's Ware

Sophie and Gary walking down the aisle

Sophie and Gary, confetti outside St Mary's Ware

Confetti outside the church

Sophie and Gary outside Fanhams Hall

Sophie and Gary at Fanhams Hall Hotel

Fanhams Hall is a beautiful venue. The gardens are immaculately cared for, and the staff took superb care of Sophie, Gary and their guests.


The best men: pre-speech homework

Sophie and Gary, wedding speeches

Sophie and Gary enjoying the best-man comedy double-act

Gary's wedding speech, Fanhams Hall

Gary’s wedding speech

Friends at wedding at Fanhams Hall

The noisiest table at the reception!

Jennifer and Jeff's family, Fanhams Hall

Jennifer and Jeff’s family

A big thank-you to Jennifer, Sophie’s sister. She works at another, well known Hertfordshire Wedding venue, and recommened me to Sophie and Gary.

All the photos will be online by 5th May and you can see them by clicking here

A thank-you from Sophie and Gary:

“We have just seen the photos on your website and just wanted to say thank you for taking such amazing photos and really capturing the whole day so well. I love all the photos you have taken of people relaxed and enjoying themselves, the photo of the best men practicing their speech really made us laugh. Thank you also for making the taking of the formal photos so quick and organised, a lot of guests commented that they really liked not having to wait around for all the photos to be taken.”

  1. Jenny Wilkinson says:

    Thank you Mark for capturing the precious moments of Sophie and Gary’s Big Day. The wedding blog is a great idea. I cannot wait to see all the photos, the selection here looks fantastic. I only wish I had known you when I got married!

  2. Gill Cooper (Sophie's mum) says:

    A delightful taster of what is to come! Thank you for capturing the special moments of a very special day.

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